Introducing Lingual Braces to Cumming, Georgia

Invisible, Intelligent, Individualized….

For those who are looking to improve their smile without visible braces, lingual braces are one of the newer solutions available to them. While versions have been on the market for a while, these braces are only now gaining popularity as their design has improved. One of the biggest reasonsthese braces are being used more and more is the Incognito system. This system has revolutionized lingual braces, helping both teens and adults straighten their teeth without dealing a blow to their self-confidence.

The only system like it available in the United States, these braces are just as unique as you are. This is because they are custom made to fit your anatomy perfectly. Made using state-of-the-art technology, each item is designed to fit perfectly against your teeth. Dr. Podray will not order your braces until she has had the chance to take images and generate measurements. The result? Effective tooth movement without visible braces—completely incognito treatment.

Unlike some invisible braces, these Suwanee braces are just as effective as traditional braces and can be worn by anyone who can also be treated byregular braces. From 13 years of age and up, you can be treated with the Incognito system. It is perfect for many different individuals:

  • working adults
  • those concerned about damage to the front of their teeth
  • anyone who does not want their braces to show
  • musicians
  • anyone playing contact sports

To get started, simply contact our office located near Sugar Hill. Braces are a big step and you should not be afraid to take that step and get on the road to a new you. Get started today by calling 678-879-3006: